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1965 Vega Willard Sport Fisherman w Twin Mercury Engine | NO FEES, NO RESERVE

1965 Vega Willard Sport Fisherman w Twin Mercury Engine | NO FEES, NO RESERVE





1977 Jeffries 32 Ft Twin 454 Gas Engine Fiberglass Powerboat / Cruiser - LOADED!

1977 Jeffries 32 Ft Twin 454 Gas Engine Fiberglass Powerboat / Cruiser – LOADED!


Emergency Engine Failure.

We fly on. Twin engine aircraft. Locals hope to skydive from 12,000 feet. About 4,500 feet we found. We were climbing even though we have. Would head off the end zone. That I look back on. Direction of the drop zone and. Can see some dark clouds. Building more quickly. Not. Looking good and we thought we. May receive calls for low-climb. out.

I will monitor and computer. Measured pitch of the aircraft. Is now down to talk to me ft 4,000. And my friend Dave said. I can not see the problem. The engine almost immediately. Left off and drive out shouted. This. Therefore, actual aircraft emergency. You do not hang around you. Recently from a plane. Quickly as possible.

Door. Open in a few seconds, followed by. People from the aircraft soon. Dave and I are real hot one. Jumpers have blocked the door of the island calls. The pilot, “What’s wrong” pilot. Not respond, he just glared angrily and shook inch. His point to the tool. Weak.

We almost have to. Push people guy. This from my aircraft. Can not believe that people will ask. Command pilot experience. Aircraft.Dave and I will leave before we leave. Has 2 straight from the door. The excitement of an emergency. We have a real air time. We do not see the end zone.

When we use parachutes, we have seen. That we have a chance of return. A drop zone no. I like. Quick look around and. See one flying in the direction straight jumpers. I started cross Ask yourself is. There are two airfields and they both. Very similar. I realised immediately. He was flying in the direction. Must.

I do not see the socks. Any wind because the distance we walk. From the drop zone.’s Suddenly depressed. I will play with me, and techniques. I began to question the direction. Landing I checked. Pass before today. But no wind sock I started. My questions.

I tried. Spit, but not for me to trace. I look around for any signs. Not smoke chimney fires smoke.I not. Beautiful that I and my head swoon. Time and high enough. To review the finalists. I was quite into the brake. Deep and has changed some polite. Underground speed to match up. To confirm that was part. My head is required.

We all. Linked to security. In the pilot, and management. Aviation aircraft safely. Return to County paste. One other jumpers. New to me and said I. Be following you because of me. Not see the direction you want to land. I laughed and told him in that I doubted. Decision of my own as well.

Using GPS, we have become. The point is to better use. Sometimes we put the zone may. Become a bit like the expectations. Hope to pass the appropriate point. All time.There always lessons to learn. Knowledge to the best opportunities. Reduction of injury or. We have worse things. To be made to occur. This security?

We can not. Expectations of failure. This tool, but we can. The only safe thing to do. Rules.On following some easy opportunities. We will pay attention. In weather conditions, especially. In this wind direction. When you can. See it wind sock easy decision. Direction of landing. However, no wind direction reference. What is difficult more.

In addition to the pilot. You need to do to you. By now, but you will also. Try to be careful of the environment. And dangerous building and address. The drop zone. If you are not familiar. We always end zone with briefing and view images. Of the drop zone for you. Familiar with the area and harm.

I have a little check that. I do make my day sunny. Test position of the sun Sun With wind direction and the sun Sun You can not directly overhead. In most situations. To be landing. Although wind is free points. Http://

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