Trimaran Sailboats For Sale

Trimaran Sailboats For Sale
These boats rarely come up for auction but are available from time to time so please check back frequently if you are looking to buy one.

what is the faster cruising sailboat?

is a catamaran faster then a monohull what about a trimaran and lets base this off a boat around the same size 40 ft or something. thanks for the help


In your recreational, pleasure, live a-board size “production” sailing catamarans (not racing cats) you will find they are typically 3 to 5 times faster (depending on weather and water conditions) then their comparable size monohull counterparts of the same length.
I happen to currently own a 44′ catamaran, and it replaced my previous 48′ monohull. Not only is my catamaran faster, it is much smoother, and offers a great deal more comfort in ride, as well as living and deck space. I absolutely love the fact that you have NO HEALING!
I live aboard and cruise full-time, and I love my flat level deck and counter-tops, etc.

Not sure about the trimaran’s speed however… as less total “wetted” area = less drag, and slim hulls are very speedy. Trimaran’s all seem to have that wide hull in the middle, and while I am sure it is great to live aboard. However, most Marinas are still being very slow to adapt any slip space for these extremely wide vessels. My cat is 16′ wide and most cats it’s size are 18′ or more, and even with that beam, you will find yourself tied-up out on the “T” head with the much larger boats.

Below, I have a link to my website. If interested, you will find a page (or two) on it that gives some advantages and disadvantages of long-distance sailing in both a monohull and catamaran.

Happy & Safe Boating,

PS. By the way. . . Originally, I was so opposed to a catamaran, I thought one had to be an idiot to own one. If not an idiot, certainly not a “real” sailor. 12 years ago however, a friend “dragged” me aboard his for a short run between Ft. Lauderdale and Bimini. I have been hooked ever since, and simply could not build my own fast enough.

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